Encourage your children and be amazed

The Competition provides you an opportunity to develop a different relationship with your child.

Imagine moving your interaction from "Do your homework" or "Turn off the TV or videogame" or "Are your chores done" to a discussion about quality of life issues in a city or the innovations that a city of the future might have or need.  There are countless stories that relate the impact the competition has had on the quality of the relationship or changes in attitude between the parent and child.

  • Contact your child’s school and request that they participate in the competition
  • Encourage your child to find two friends to create a team
  • Provide outside opportunities to support learning by taking your child to events and
      places that have scientific or engineering relevance to the competition deliverables
  • Watch your child’s team practice their presentation
  • Help your child find recycled materials for their scale model
  • Visit the scale model displays at the Phoenix main library in January
  • Ensure that your child attends the all-day regional finals in Phoenix in January
  • Celebrate your child’s team successes after the regional finals
  • Continue to encourage advanced learning and team building after the competition


If you're qualified, how about being an engineering mentor?