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Prospective Teachers

If you are considering becoming a teacher-sponsor in the Future City Competition, let us give you a list of reasons to make a positive decision.

  • meet your curriculum STEM objectives,
  • have a program that has application across the nearly entire grade curriculum,
  • have the support of technical and engineering professionals, and
  • have online information and advice available.

Your students:

  • apply classroom learning from science, math, English, social studies, and art,
  • refine writing, research, public speaking, and computer skills,
  • build new skills like skills assessment, project management, and teamwork,
  • gain understanding of the engineering profession.

We've made it easy for you to participate.  After you register, you will receive a package of materials from us with everything that you need to get started.  The virtual city benchmark and design, research essay, and city narrative documents are all electronically submitted through e-mail.  This website contains helpful advice for every step in the competition.
If we still haven't convinced you, listen to what your colleagues say.
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Registered Teachers

We are delighted that you joined us and we know that this will be a valuable learning experience for your students.  Some of you have sponsored teams for many years.  Thank you.  Please explore our new website.  It's full of new content designed to make the Future City Competition Experience even richer.

We created a Facebook page (Future City Arizona) for you to share ideas and comments about the competition in the Arizona Region.  We are very interested in any suggestions that you might have for the Teacher webpage.  Send your suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

The entire Future City Competition-Arizona Region team is here to help you and your students get the maximum value out of this enriching educational experience.  Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or issues about the competition. 

SimCitytm Information

The only method to obtain Windows copies for the Future City Competition is through a download.  If you are a registered teacher, you should have received a promotion code and a set of instructions from the Arizona Region.  Follow the instructions to obtain a free download and install the software.  If you encounter any problems, contact us immediately.

A question that is often asked is "how can students apply futuristic innovations to the SimCitytm game?" The simple answer is, they can't.  The game developers could not begin to envision all of the innovations that your students can dream.  The intent of the game is to provide players with the experience of building and operating a contemporary city. Players must anticipate and respond to the needs of the community. They must design the city layout that effectively uses the resources available to the city.

While SimCitytm is set in a contemporary environment, it doesn't mean that it isn't useful for your students who have futuristic solutions.  For example, regardless of the method of transportation, the city will still require an infrastructure (paths) for the solution. Even if everyone is flying, airways will still be required.  The simulation also provides students with feedback on their preliminary city layout that can be used to revise the detailed layout and build the scale model.  The understanding of a city's dynamics will help them to create a more compelling city narrative and team presentation.

The contemporary setting of SimCitytm should not constrain your students' vision of the future. Let them dream and innovate.