The City Narrative will follow the same format as the research essay. However, the maximum size is less than half the size of the essay, 500 words. The City Narrative has an entirely different objective from the essay. Use the city plan and community outlines, if you prepared them. This is where you will sell your city in printed form. Your goal is to encourage your reader to live or locate a business in your city. Every word is valuable, so be wise with the each one.

Your introduction gives the reader your city's vital statistics. Where is it located? How large is it? What is the climate? How many people live there? What are the important features of the landscape (mountains, beaches, harbors, etc.)? Your last sentence should compel the reader to continue, so give it plenty of thought.

The body of the City Narrative is much shorter than the essay. You will probably only have enough room for 4 or 5 key points. Identify all the features that make your city different from any other. Make certain that you put the most important features first. Do you use a clean energy source? Do you have a strong infrastructure? Are your people well-educated and productive? Do you have incentives to bring businesses to your city? Do you have a superior transportation system? Use your imagination.

Your conclusion will probably only be one or two sentences, so makethem strong. Your conclusion is the thought that you want your reader to remember. For instance, if your city is famous for solar energy your last sentence might be "The energy in Solaris Prime comes from the sun AND our people. Come take your place in the sun.”

Use your City Narrative to help you build your team presentation.

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